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Why Thread Reiki Into Your Life?

A new client asked, “How often should I come for a Reiki session?” I explained, Reiki should be woven into your life as a regular healing practice. It is a catalyst to support all you do for your health and wellness. I call it, “Threading it into your life”; just the same as you would integrate healthy eating, a mindful practice or an exercise program you enjoy. Energy healing compliments & supports everything that you experience in life!

When you weave Reiki healing into your life, you come out like a beautiful tapestry on one side. A beautiful bright picture of a healthy, lighter, and clearer YOU! Have you ever created a piece of art, a beautiful blanket, a design of some kind or a delicious dinner for your family? The behind-the-scenes work may be a little messy. You may have to go inward to reflect on the best colors to use, what medium to design with, what ingredients or the special bowls and plates you want for a beautiful table setting. You utilize some trial and error that no one sees as you create it. Yet, when you display and share what you have created with your family, friends and others they simply see the result of your deeper work and the valuable time you put into it.

The other side of your tapestry has all the knots and mixtures of threads that may look a little tangled, but no one really needs to see it. Within your energy system, you store all of your life experiences. Your energy system is fluid and it has memory.

Receiving, or even better, learning Reiki healing is a way to constantly refine the "flow" of your energy system and create a balance that you notice inside (Peace) and radiance that people around you will notice on the outside.( Yes, Your friends and family will be curious about this new glow about you!) Remember, your energy introduces you before you even say a word or walk into a room. So radiate your natural energy field out to the world!

Over the years I have had countless conversations with people about "their purpose". I know for sure that every human being's "purpose" is to stand clear in their radiant love and light. That alone, on many days, is enough. You would be quite surprised that by you simply being in your natural state of love, it interconnects and serves the entire world. Reiki energy healing is simply a means for you to "access" this connection of peace and harmony fully each day. Have you experienced the inner feeling of peace and the outer feeling of glow after a Reiki session or taking a Reiki class? Please share in the comments below so others can benefit!

With love and light,

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