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Gina's 20+ years of experience as a healer has forged many beloved community connections and trusted resources to recommend. Here are some of GL's favorite local and virtual heart-based healers to catalyze your pathway to growth!

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  • Avalon Astrology - Lisa Verschoor
    'Working within the framework of Astrology allows you to deepen acceptance of ever-shifting tides experienced in daily life and ease a stressful situation that may have been activated by a significant transits to your natal chart.' Avalon Astrology 802-442-7800
  • Astro Wonder - Pascal Salvatore
    'Astrology is your soul's blueprint. Natal chart readings provide insight that will guide you to lead a life that is more aligned with your soul's purpose, and reflect your truest self.' Astro Wonder
  • Inner Alignment Coaching - Laura Killian
    'I help people overcome disconnection from themselves to achieve self-love and balance by realigning their heart connection and making themselves a priority.' Inner Alignment Coaching
  • Coaching & Consulting - Dawn LaCarte
    'Upscale, boutique style multi-specialty service designed around you and your family to fit your specific needs.'
  • Life Clarity - Molly Brindle
    'When you are ready to spend more time in the present than the past or future, enjoy more moments of noticing and appreciating the beautiful gift of life, and experience more fulfilling moments, then it’s time. Learn more by scheduling time with me with the service that best meets your needs.' Life Clarity
  • Grief Counseling - Gina Sabitini
    Grief Counseling - Gina Sabitini Holistic/Spiritual, Life and Grief Counseling, Intuitive Energy Healing, End of Life Doula services. Servicing the following areas: Amsterdam, NY · Wilton, NY · Clifton Park, NY · Burnt Hills, NY · Glenville, NY · Malta, NY · Glens Falls, NY · Schenectady, NY · Saratoga Springs, NY
  • EPIC* Reiki & Mindfulness - Anne Hopkins Gross
    Anne is the founder of EPIC* Reiki & Mindfulness located in Burnt Hills, NY. Her Reiki practice is grounded in her 20-plus years as a mindfulness/meditation practitioner and teacher. She offers Reiki sessions, hosts other Reiki practitioners for Reiki shares, and loves teaching mindfulness and meditation. Contact Anne directly for an hour-long peaceful and insightful Reiki session! *Embracing Peace, Insight, and Compassion
  • Dragonfly Art of Healing with Katie Agresta
    At Dragonfly Art of Healing Katie Agresta uses a combination of complementary holistic healing modalities, incorporating sound healing and energy mats into her beautiful healing Reiki sessions. “Do Not be afraid to let go of all of your fears and find your wings." 207-752-7546
  • Reiki with Chelsea
    "My mission is to give people the self healing power to live more fulfilled, healthy, and authentic lives. Enjoy 1 hour or 45 mins of relaxing healing energy. I use a blend of Reiki, Esoteric Healing and my intuition to personally curate energy sessions. These sessions consist of light hands-on placements that promote your body's natural healing abilities." Reiki with Chelsea
  • Yasmine Perez - White Pines Wellness, Reiki
    Yasmine listens with her whole heart—she can feel and understand deeply, and has a strong relationship with intuition—making it possible for you to experience the power of energy healing from anywhere in the world. Each Reiki session is unique to the receiver, however, commonly used tools include: reiki, guided breathwork, guided meditation, crystals, essential oils, and more. White Pine Wellnesss
  • Distance Reiki with Tanya and Randy Marks
    Distance Reiki with Tanya and Randy: Infinite Power Energy Healing with Tanya and Randy Marks Tanya's & Randy provide beautiful distance energy healing sessions that allow inner wisdom,comfort and guidance to come through. Request one or both of them to send healing to you! (518) 932-4421 or (518) 424 -8112 "Always Be The Light Even When The World Seems So Dark".
  • Life Clarity - Molly Brindle
    Hands-on natural healing treatment using universal life force energy. Life Clarity Reiki
  • Reiki with Gina Sabitini
    Gina's Body, Mind & Spirit Center Holistic/Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing, Online and In-Person: Amsterdam, NY · Wilton, NY · Clifton Park, NY · Burnt Hills, NY · Glenville, NY · Malta, NY · Glens Falls, NY · Schenectady, NY · Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Aromatherapy & Reiki - Tammy Mueller
    Tammy Mueller with Saratoga Essentials Tammy Mueller is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Jikiden Reiki Okuden Practitioner, an Integrated Energy Therapist (IET), a Meditation Instructor, a Holistic Wellness Coach, an Animal Reiki Practitioner, and an Intuitive. Tammy also blends essential oils for therapeutic use. Instagram Reiki (teacher), IET,meditation & intuitive for healing in the Saratoga Springs region. 🙏🏻 306 Grooms Rd, Clifton Park NY 💫 +1 (518) 265-5657
  • June Stoddard - Reiki
    Adirondack Healing Arts: June Stoddard - Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist
  • Active Breathwork with Brigitte Toussaint
    'Learning to love yourself means facing your fears, releasing your pain, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.'
  • Amy Nolte ~ Soul Energy Evolution
    Soul Energy Evolution Past Life Regression, QHTT ® & More Amy Nolte Holistic, Quantum and Play-Based Therapies Curated and Customized to Evolve with You
  • Marie Jordan
    Marie Jordan is an energetic healer that offers loving support in a variety of modalities including: · Channeling - Seeking inner wisdom from loving angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and departed loved ones · Distance Reiki – Providing restorative energy on the physical, emotional and mental levels to support your natural healing process · Soul Writing- Developing a deep conversation with your inner wisdom, a source of intelligence, creativity and guidance Marie’s services are often offered in combination for the greatest healing support. She may be contacted at for further information. 203-767-6790
  • June Stoddard - Massage Therapist
    Adirondack Healing Arts: June Stoddard - Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner
  • Saratoga Trainer - Kim Mariotti
    "Whether your goal is to lose weight, be stronger, feel better, or improve your stability and mobility I will design an individualized fitness training program to help you reach your goal." Saratoga Trainer
  • Therapeutic Massage - Yasmine Perez, White Pine Wellness
    With a compassionate heart and warm touch, Yasmine holds space for deep healing and release through the subtle power of reiki (ray-key) energy. This gentle laying-on-hands technique helps to balance and recharge your energy, while allowing you to relax and release stress and discomfort on every level. Each reiki session is unique to the individual. With Yasmine at your side, you will always be held in a safe, supportive space. White Pine Wellness
  • Reiki & Restorative Yoga with Chelsea
    "Restorative Yoga has nothing to do with stretching or being athletic…it is the complete opposite. In Restorative Yoga the purpose is to shift the nervous system into the parasympathetic state - the state of rest and digest. We do this by supporting the spine, muscles and joints with blocks, bolsters, blankets and weights. This brings the body into a state of ease and rest. It’s like a meditation for the body. In these classes I combine the restorative poses with the compliment of energy work to create a truly unique experience for all involved. " Restorative Yoga with Chelsea
  • Pascal Salvatore: Wonder Elemental
    Wonder Elemental is a solution for healers to gain solutions so that they can focus on what they are made to do - heal. Wonder Elemental

Heal, Learn, + Grow

Additional GL-worthy Resources

Library Bookshelves


The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo

Reiki for Life, Penelope Quest

The 4 Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

The Shift, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Living Buddha, Living Christ,ThichNhatHan

The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman

Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss

Outrageous Openness Letting the Divine Peace in Every Step, by H.H the Dalai Lama

365 Days of Angel Prayers, Harper &   O'Conner PhD

Just One Thing, Rick Hanson

Love Without End, Glenda Green

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