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Gina Lynn's mission is to serve as a catalyst and mentor, guiding people to lead a life guided by love over fear. As a gifted energy healer for over 20 years, Gina has conducted over 7,500 hands-on and distance healing sessions. Gina Lynn utilizes energy healing to create a safe space for healing, learning, and growing. Gina has certified over 380 students in energy healing at all levels of training, including over 90 Reiki Masters.

As a natural empathic healer, Gina Lynn uses her intuitive gifts to better understand each client’s needs, complemented by her clairesscent, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities, which provide further insight to the client following sessions.

Gina Lynn serves her clients with treatments, workshops, trainings, speaking engagements + events. All of these guided teachings and treatments follow her philosophy, 'love over fear', and Gina leads a life led by faith, authentic to her teachings.

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