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Creating Space.....

Recently, I "let go" of my old office space of 14 years to simplify and create a vessel for new opportunities to come in. This was the second week in my new office area and I am carefully observing myself, my longtime clients, and new clients enjoy the comfort of it. A few clients asked; "Was it hard to let go? Do you miss your old space?" My answer was "No" - That's how I knew my decision was correct. I didn't have any knee-jerk reactions like; "Oh no what did I just do!" Energetically and on the physical plane I was completely aligned. My decision to move forward was a peaceful one. That's how you know your decisions are correct, you have a feeling of inner peace. Your energy system never lies.

When we make conscious decisions for change we create unknown opportunities. How cool! In my case, a few cautious on-lookers may have thought this was a backwards strategic move. "Why would she let go of the freedom to go in and out of her own space, create her own schedule without limitation and enjoy her own creature comforts of personal items and trinkets of memories from students and clients?" Hmm? Others seemed to support the unknown vision with excitement. I embrace both perspectives.

One of my very dear clients was afraid she would not "feel her husband" who had passed away a few years earlier. During her Reiki sessions he is always lovingly around and I know not to go to the other side of the Reiki table because Frank is there! When she had her first session in my new space, Frank showed up as usual, right on time! I think she was a little surprised but I wasn't. Lesson: It doesn't matter the physical space you are in, it is YOU who is important! Your energy...YOU create what happens in whatever physical place you are in.

Over the years I've met many people who explore the Reiki benefits to help with their personal or work transitions. Reiki has helped them to navigate what they feel internally even though their physical world appeared slightly messy or unsettled. Without fail, experiencing the healing energy work helps "create the space" in their minds and creates the space in their hearts for positive change. Reiki aligns the person so when they do move the physical pieces of the puzzle around, it makes sense to them. Reiki helps those changes flow much easier and they have a sense of inner calm that supports the changes they are making.

When have YOU had to create space and let go and be open to new opportunities? Did you feel the energy "love match" or were you in "fear" of the unknown? Has energy work supported you in the process? I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

In love and light,

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