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The Joy of Imperfection.....

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

If you’ve taken the time to read any one of my newsletters over the years, I am sure will have noticed a typo or two. It doesn’t matter how many times I review it before I hit send. Inevitably, my sister or another family member will be texting or emailing me to let me know the error that they found.

I sincerely love the people that do this for me because I know they care and they know me well enough that I won’t take it personally. My loved ones are fully aware that my intention is for the newsletter to be correct and they help me to strive to be a better author. My inner response usually is, “really, I looked at that a bunch of times and thought it was correct! Ugh!” For those of you who follow astrology, I am a Virgo and we are known to have the “perfection” personality trait. Any other perfectionists or Virgo’s out there?

This past newsletter, I missed that the link to last week’s blog was the wrong link! OOPS! I got that message from my sister as I was walking out of church on Sunday. My first thought was, “well, maybe some people missed last week’s blog and still need to hear the message… or maybe when they see both blogs this week it will have more meaning to them”. I immediately turned a perceived imperfection into something more divine!

I didn’t get irritated with myself over the mistake I made. That truly would serve no good constructive purpose. I have learned to embrace the “ joy of imperfection”!

When we criticize ourselves or others over a mistake that has been made or an expectation that has not been met it affects our energy system in a very negative way. We are choosing to lower our vibrational frequency away from the highest frequency, which is love. I am not interested in doing that or putting that frequency out on others around me.

I have learned to step outside of the humanness of the mistake and look for the golden lining! If this is a concept you are struggling with and believe that everything has to be perfect all the time I encourage you to rise above, maybe even laugh at the mistake correct it as best you can, and move on. Remember, the next moment will naturally happen! Next time, just slow down be a little more “present” and try again.

I would love to hear from you on this subject…please share your thoughts below! When have you made a 'mistake' but it really worked out the way it was supposed to?

In love and light,

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