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The glass is refillable....

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

I've always been a "glass is half full" person. I look for the gold lining in every situation. (Yes, sometimes we have to dig deep to find something positive but it is there!) Recently, I have been focused on "refilling the glass", and what that really means for myself and YOU!

When someone comes to your home and you offer them something to drink do you give them an empty glass or a half-full glass? Of course not, you give them a full glass to drink. You don't want them to go thirsty and you want them to feel and know they are cared for. Most likely, you are generous with the beverage you offer. Maybe, at some point during their visit, you offer to refill their glass and maybe some food to go along with what they are drinking. If you are Italian, you already have a table full of food, but that is for another blog!

Simple daily routines allow me to refill my glass every day. I begin every morning with 10-15 minutes of Reiki and prayer or meditation. I jot down a dream experience or thought that came to me as I woke up. I say, "good morning to Jesus" just like I would say good morning to my family and ask God to send who he wants me to serve that day. I always drink a full glass of water and then maybe get on the floor and stretch. I love to welcome a new day by filling myself up first!

I recognized a long time ago if I don't take care of myself I won't have much to give others around me. It is a very loving act. It is an example you can set for your children, your partner, friends, and co-workers on how not to get drained by doing small acts of love for yourself each day.

Refilling your energy glass costs you nothing other than your time. It doesn't cost money, and the energy you put into yourself gives you even more energy to share with others. When you value yourself, you will value the time and energy you invest in yourself. Refilling your glass can be done by going into nature, reading a book that helps you learn and grow, taking time to exercise, slowing down in some way, speeding up by dancing in your kitchen, or listening to or playing music. Anything that speaks to your heart will refill your glass! Anything that brings you joy & peace will refill your glass!

You are worth it! The people around you are worth it! The KEY is weaving it into you your life daily so it becomes a way you live - not just something you do occasionally. When you do that your glass will never be empty and you will have enough for yourself to share with those you love.

What do you do for yourself to keep your glass full? Please share with me and comment below. I'd love to know what keeps your glass full!

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