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The art of taking a Break......

When I was younger my parents instilled in me the importance of taking time out of your weekly routine to get away and have a "change of scenery". It certainly was never some luxurious vacation, it was more like a weekend away in Maine, or a drive to Vermont. But they did it consistently, a couple of times a year, to recharge their batteries, and my sisters and me were along for the ride. (Lucky us!) It was an important life lesson.

In my 30s and early 40s, I didn't take those trips away, but when I hit my late 40s I had the opportunity to start enjoying "time away" again and I understood the huge benefits for my body and my spirit. We sometimes don't realize how much we are "holding on to" until we remove ourselves from our circle of influence and constant day-to-day planning. As much as I am present in my Reiki practice there is always "planning" ahead when you run your own business. This is the opposite of being "present". Time carved out wisely for a "change of scenery" is a way of heart-based living for me now! It can be for you, too!

When I am away from my home environment there is a certain "freedom" that happens. Time slows way down, my days seem long, and I observe as the universe sorts out all those perceived problems and makes way for lots of new surprises to come in! Honestly, my best creative thoughts and biggest opportunities have come when I am away on a vacation. I find that happens when I "LET GO" and I "ALLOW". It is really quite a beautiful synchronicity.

My parents also taught me to save for my trips. Which I still do today. I don't want to come home to a huge bill (zero interest in that!) and that would take away from the benefits I just gathered! I am old school, I have a few jars around my home where I throw change and dollar bills every week. I consciously do this as an act of love for myself.

If you are someone who thinks you don't have money for a "change of scenery" day, weekend, or week, I challenge you to try the jar method. You won't miss the money no matter what your income. YOU are investing in yourself, it gives you something to look forward to and it is possible! With a little visualization, planning, and feeling abundant you will benefit greatly! (Tip: when traveling too, you can eat on the cheap. We eat a couple of pieces of fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the beach. A heart-based life is based on not overindulging. Our bodies need the right nutrition and water! Your body will thank you!

My parents preferred the coastal northeast for R and R but for me, a warm southern breeze is what I love! Right, now, I am exploring the tiny country of Aruba. Observing nature and the contrast of dry desert with the lushness of palm trees. Engaging with people from different countries. The Indian Ruins, culture, and history are quite interesting! My fiance, Jeff, is exploring the waters of the underworld getting certified in scuba diving. All the elements, air, water, earth, and fire, surround our day-to-day heart-based living here. A perfect getaway to restore us both, to heal our bodies, reset our minds, and rejuvenate our souls. I am grateful.

How about YOU? Where do you like to go to rest, reset, and rejuvenate? How do you benefit? Please comment below as I would love hear from YOU!

In love and light from One Happy Island,

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