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The Art of Being Still...

"I just can't quiet my mind"...I hear over and over from my clients and students. The pressure we put on ourselves to learn to be "in the moment". Maybe we don't want to be "soo still".......maybe we want to be wiggly, and curious like a child who just learned how to walk and is exploring new things! That's okay! I find there is a great benefit and a time & place for both. Stillness & action are both healthy.

But this blog is about "Being Still". Giving yourself the "opportunity" to sit quietly and just receive with all your senses without expectation or judgment of what is happening is certainly enough.

So... how do you get started? Maybe with an old fashion "egg timer" or the alarm on your cell phone. Start with 5 minutes...just sit...close your eyes...take 3 deep breaths...and, simply observe.

Observe the pace of your breathing in the beginning and at the end of the 5 minutes. Observe the feeling of the clothes on your skin....the rise and fall of your chest and belly....the sounds you hear inside the room or outside in nature.....don't observe them as distractions....allow them to simply be a part of your "Still Experience".

Sitting in silent meditation or guided meditation may help you better regulate your emotions, including negative ones, so they don’t overwhelm you. It can lower your blood pressure, increase empathy towards others, boost your attention and mental focus, and may help improve your sleep. Who doesn't want a good night's rest?

Many of my clients use a mobile app called "Insight Timer", and Michelle Baker's tracks are a personal favorite for meditations on here. Personally, I like to search YouTube for great meditations such as Pure Rasa or Jason Stephenson. This coming Monday, I am offering a virtual guided reflection which is a great way to introduce yourself to the concept of meditation, in the comfort of your own home, yet supported by a group. Occasionally, a little extra support goes a long way! When you take time to slow down you are showing up for yourself and connecting with God. (The Universe). I say, "praying is talking to & thanking God but meditating is listening to God." We could all use that wisdom......

Winter creates the perfect time to begin a meditation practice. I encourage you to set a small goal of three days and let me know about your experience. Start with the meditation this week, and work in a personal practice using YouTube and Insight timer from there!

Do you already have a meditation practice you can share with me? I would love to hear about it! Meditation can be hard, but if you take the first step and find the path that works for you, it becomes a part of everyday life, like your other habits and routines. So, please comment below your favorite way to meditate, and we'll do this together!

With love, light, and stillness,

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