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Tell Me Something Good.......

Years ago when I was a retail manager at a local specialty shoe & accessory store I had a policy that if an employee had a complaint or issue they were needing help with they had to "tell me something good first" and then they could share what their concern was. I found it really helped soften their energy by saying something positive before they complained about a problem they were having. They usually would smile at me, their body language eased and in an instant, their problem didn't seem as "big" as it did a moment ago.

The clear effects of positive talk and thinking are vitally important to your physical, mental, and emotional health and to those around you! Science shows that speaking & thinking something positive changes the chemicals in our brains and the cells in our bodies. It isn't some magical secret that only a few can partake in. You have the opportunity from the moment you wake up to have a positive discussion with yourself and the people, animals, and plants even that you encounter. At its very core, it is your choice. Pause right now and think of the last positive statement you made. Now repeat it to re-enforce it.

I LOVE hearing good things and speaking good things! I cringe at foul language, negative talk, gossip & non-constructive complaining. Non-constructive complaining is complaining for no useful purpose....that feels different to me than "venting" at times which is okay in my book! It simply doesn't feel good to me and I am aware of it. Are you?

I remember when my son Vince was in middle school and a couple of friends were over. There was a new kid over and they were downstairs playing. I heard the new kid swear....and then immediately I heard his older brother say, "Hey you can't do that here. You can't swear in this house". The kid said, "oops... sorry" I kinda laughed and thought "that's good". There was an immediate energy big deal...they just moved on, played and I didn't give any energy to it.

If you need a little help with this... One of my old-school favorite self-help gurus was Dr. Wayne Dyer. He had a plethora of great books and videos on the "Change your thoughts change your life" concept. I used to watch him on PBS years ago. Check him out or re-visit him if you haven't in a while.

So what happens when you say something good? You re-train your brain in a positive way, your cells become healthier, you cancel out negative thoughts, you practice self-support, you help your own and other's energy fields, you gain confidence, you inspire & you can literally change the trajectory of your own and possibly someone else's life! YES! YES! YES!

I challenge you for ONE DAY to spend the entire day saying positive things and let me know what you observe about the experience. I'd also love to hear some good things from YOU! Please comment below and tell me something good that's happening with you, something positive you'd like to share to inspire others.

You all are beautiful souls in your own right, shine your light from the inside out and others will feel your love! See you soon!

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I commit to finding something beautiful in nature everyday. I see the sunrise on my drive to work and I take a picture to share with 3 of my friends. Today I saw the full moon over a corn field, the fog hovering over a pond, and designs in the sky from high flying planes. ❤️ Nature. It makes me happy!


Nov 05, 2022

Beautiful, Gina. I often ask myself these questions before speaking, “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Does it improve upon the silence?”

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