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Showing Up for Yourself…..

Every time I begin a guided reflection virtual event I mention to those listening on the call that I believe it is wonderful that they have taken the time to "show up "for themselves and the others in the group because taking the time to show up for yourself is important!

What do I mean by that?

Well, when you show up for your kid's game, to visit a friend, a meeting at work or to travel to see a family member you are essentially saying “I care about you or this situation” or “I am here to support and I love you”. Many times, it is an unselfish act that makes the other person feel important to you and appreciated by you. When you “show up” for others even if you feel obligated, you are still saying that person or situation is important at that given moment over anything else you could choose to do at that moment.

So, how often do you consciously “show up” for yourself? To care and love yourself by doing something that makes you not only feel good but it is an “honoring practice” that nourishes your soul.

I encourage my clients all the time and say “taking care of yourself is NOT selfish, you can’t give from the bottom of the well because you have nothing left! To love yourself, your family, friends and even the stranger on the street you must take action and carve out time to care for yourself so you can give from your heart daily and live a peaceful life."

How can you show up for yourself? Engaging in a mindful practice such as Reiki, meditation, yoga, walking, massage, exercise, creative artwork, hiking or exploring something you have an interest in will relax your nervous system, fill yourself with joy, help you get inspired & feel a sense of accomplishment. The people around you will feel that energy and you will have more of yourself to share with others without feeling drained!

It's an honor to be a catalyst for *you* (to show up for yourself!)

With love + light,

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