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My First Time.....

It was the winter of 2002 when I had my first Reiki Session. You see, I began spending much of my time in prayer and meditation the few months prior and would continue both heavily for the next two years. I was going through a divorce, my son was 3 years old, and my work of the last 18 years was seemingly coming to an end as well. God was paving a new path for me and I was following his lead. Prayer, meditation, and unexpectedly, this thing called REIKI, was going to be a huge part of it as well!

I sat faithfully every evening listening to an Edgar Cayce meditation in which I had profound experiences. It was the first time I heard about a “chakra” and I didn’t know what a “kundalini awakening” was until it actually happened to me! That’s kinda big! I set up my bedroom to be my oasis... with flowers, pretty stones, holy water, angel figurines, my rosary, a statue of Jesus and mother Mary. (I encourage you to do the same, create an altar and space with whatever feels good to you!)

In my desire to deepen my meditation practice, I read an article in a local healing paper that mentioned “Reiki”, its benefits, and how it could accelerate your ability to meditate. Next to the article, I saw an ad from a place called, “A Peaceful Place Wellness”, about 20 minutes from where I lived. Perfect! I called and scheduled my first appointment. Who knew how much this would change my life.

When I arrived, there was soft music playing in the background, and lovely scents were infused in the space. The lady who greeted me was very kind, and I noticed the office had a soothing and spiritual feel. I felt right at home. The Reiki Master (who happened to be a catholic nun… I was not expecting that!), greeted me and guided me to a room. I rested on the table and she covered me with a blanket and put a tissue over my eyes.

During the session she never spoke, just gently laid her hands in different places. Some above the body, some with a gentle touch. I remember feeling the warmth coming from her hands. They were very hot! I noticed the heat was more pronounced in my stomach and I fell into a very, very deep rest. I was surprised when she gently touched my shoulder to tell me the session was over. She gave me a drink of water and said, “normally I do not do this but I’d like you to have this stone and carry it with you.” Interestingly, it was a rose quartz stone to help hold the vibration of love. I’m sure she could feel the pain in my heart.

I remember leaving the session and I didn’t understand what happened but I did FEEL sooo “light and peaceful”…..I felt like everything was going to be fine….no matter how it seemed to appear to the outside world. I didn’t want to go back to work. I knew I had this very sacred experience and I wanted it to last as long as possible.

I scheduled sessions as often as I could, and when I didn’t have to go back to work following each session so I could just stay in that peaceful state. Many times, after sessions I went to sit in the park. Every time, I had a new experience, and that article was correct, my meditation practice went through the roof! For me, it was so easy to get into the meditative state because of Reiki.

My energy frequency was changing and even though I didn’t understand what was happening, I was happy to be ignorant and just be "present", witnessing myself transform with Reiki & God’s gentle nudge.

Do you remember your first Reiki session? When did you get your first nudge? What did you experience? I’d love to know! Sharing your story will help support others!

With love & light,

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