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"I Don't Have Time for this....."

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed many many people heal. I'd like to share one story to inspire you this Easter Season!

Inspiration of hope from a young woman who beat breast cancer and helped others instead.

As she lay on my healing table Lisa looked at me and said “I don’t have time for this…I have a husband a, young son, and other things to do…" . She was certainly determined that she wasn’t going to concede to some cancer cells in her body. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She believed she was going to get completely better. She surrendered to God…she was a warrior…and she was going to heal…and heal she did…and so much more.

I remember as I placed my hands on her feet to begin the Reiki session, I immediately had a vision of her rising up in front of me and turning to ashes. It startled me and “I thought for a moment oh no…please don’t let this woman die and go to ash…” I called in Jesus, mother Mary the angels, and guides and implored their help. The session was warm and powerful. Everywhere I went I felt heat and healing. It was quite peaceful. When the hour was complete, Lisa shared with me that she had a vision of the “Phoenix Rising”. I was not familiar with that term, but have come to learn it is symbolic of a “rebirth”. Just like going to ashes and re-birthing something new. (I understood at that moment what I saw earlier in the session) I found both our experiences fascinating.

Over the years in my Reiki practice, I have observed what sets apart the people who are successful in their healing whether that means healing in the physical world or healing to have everlasting life. It is less fear and more faith. A real belief and knowledge in something more. A real hope and understanding of unconditional love.

Lisa stated to me “I don’t have time for this” - her words were powerful! She set her intention and stated clearly it to me and the universe: “I have a husband and a young son…I need practical help. Someone to cook and clean, prepare meals, babysit while I go to appointments, have chemo, and beat this cancer...”

Lisa went on and had many more Reiki sessions, she went on and started a foundation called “Floyd Warriors” that provides meals, home cleaning, and practical help for those in need. That was over 10 years ago now.

It was Easter time when she was going through treatment and she couldn’t get out to create a basket for her son. Now, her organization provides hundreds of Easter Baskets every year for those kids whose parents are undergoing treatment. Lisa is just one example of the healing that can take place when you mix energy healing, conventional medicine, and more importantly faith to heal yourself! Yes, you can!

In love and light,

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