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Gratitude over grief........

As we are now in the holiday season I am keenly aware that it is not always a joyous one for everyone. There is someone you know who lost a dear loved one this past year and this is their first holiday without them. There is someone you know for whom it may be their last holiday season whether known or unbeknownst to them. Grief is a unique experience deep within our souls that is so personal. There is no "one size fits all". In my healing work, I listen to people "many times unexpectedly" pouring out their emotions. Tears cleanse, the voice gives power that their feelings are real, hugs help heal and reiki does the rest.

Two clients recently shared with me their deep lost both her husband and her mother within this past year and the other her husband a couple of years ago. Both know "time" would make it a little easier...but they both knew the love was so deep and so great that there will always be moments of deep private sorrow. After the tears, they both spoke of tremendous gratitude for their loved ones and shared many things about them they loved and that were happy about the gift of their time together. Beautiful for me to witness.

With gratitude, we can hold onto too many memories this holiday season of our loved ones that have passed. I always have known the "veil is quite thin between heaven and earth" so why not chat with your loved one passed, set a place setting for them at the table or a memento on the Christmas tree or other decorations? My grandma Louise, whom I miss dearly this time of year, I reflect on fond memories of going to her house to bake and still making her famous Italian pizzelle cookies every year. I "chat" quite a bit with her while I'm baking all December. I literally feel her near me. If she could only magically start pressing out pizzelles next to me! (LOL...for those of you who don't is a cookie you press one at a time..very time-consuming)

So even though the holidays can be bittersweet and some days your full of joy and another you may be missing a relationship or loved one, I encourage you to focus on the new gifts of the present that God has blessed you with. Share your funny stories, give extra hugs, look beyond the material and simply feel moments of peace and love.... it starts with your heart being vulnerable and wide open during this special time of year.

In love and light,

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