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A Leap of Faith.....

Have you ever had moments where all your natural “caution” just stops for a split second and you just “jump” & say “God, Catch Me”?

Well, I have had plenty of those moments, (they can be small or big) …and I have found God does catch me every single time. Lucky me! I have always naturally trusted, but occasionally, I do need a gentle nudge.

Launching a new website after 20 years of having the same comfortable website is a “medium jump” for me, especially since I know things aren’t exactly the way I wanted them to look. Mostly because there are so many great ideas flowing in my energy field, it was “creativity overload” for me!

These questions run through my thoughts….

“Am I ready to take online bookings?”, “What if there is a glitch”, “Will it be just as personal”, “What will my clients think?”, “Will I have enough content?”, “Will I have time to make quality content?”…”Will I be able to really reach more people and help them in a virtual setting?” ... you get the idea?

But then, “THE” moment happens…with a definite nudge from my website designer Pascal…” a 30’s young, inspiring and probably one of the most carefree person I have had the pleasure of meeting, & “my dear Jeff” who is practical about the time, energy and resources that have been spent planning for a new website launch. After all, you have to be on the stage to your shine light! No one will benefit if you have something to share but you keep it to yourself!

SO, THE MOMENT for me was last week. Sept 1, 2022…it was the moment I chose to quietly jump! After sending my newly launched website in a newsletter to my current clients, I could relax into the response and just see what happens. A really, really nice feeling! Whew!

So, as I continue and wait to see what is next for me, I want to know about YOU! Think of a moment in your life when your natural “caution” paused and you chose to “jump”.

Whether it be big or small I’d love to know, & more importantly, what was the outcome? Was it better than you expected? Was there a surprise? How did you “feel” afterwards? Did you learn to trust the universe and God because you found that you were actually “okay” and being taken care of?

Let me know & comment below… & remember….

“Be Kind, Have A Loving Approach & Always Choose Faith Over Fear”

See you soon!

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