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20 Minute Clarity Call

A phone call to help you clarify any reasonable topic!

  • 25 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • Gina will call you during your scheduled time.

Service Description

Sometimes you just need to chat with someone outside of a close friend, relative or counselor. Someone who will listen without judgement and maybe offer a unique perspective. If that's what you need this offering is for YOU! *The 20 minute phone call will allow you to gain clarity, vent, brainstorm, chat about whatever comes up! It could be something spiritual, a relationship, work issue or Reiki question. *Gina will use her intuition to "listen to guidance that comes through" during your conversation and share with you. She will also guide and encourage you in practical ways! This is always a spiritual guided call! Please Note: *Gina will call you at the scheduled time. (Make sure your number is correct) *All calls are Eastern Standard Time * When booking please mention the topic your like to discuss so Gina can prepare if needed and make the most of our phone chat. * Please have your phone ringer "ON" to answer. No refunds on this service if you miss the phone call. *Please note. Gina is not a licensed counselor. You agree that you are responsible for your own healing and actions.

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